Friday, July 13, 2012

My Cricut Craft Room's Scrapbook Friday--July 13th--Twilight

Here it is Friday again!  Happy Friday the 13th!! Might have to watch some scary movies tonight!!

I chose the Twilight theme for this week.  I really love movies and so today I made a "scrapbook" page for my smash book!
I purchased the smash book from My Cricut Craft Room because I have so few pictures, or information about me in my children's scrapbooks.  So I thought that if I made a smash book about me it would be fun. 
I chose the Twilight theme because it is one of my favorite movies/books.  I wanted to make some pages about the movies that I have seen with my children.  I save all ticket stubs but of course when I wanted to make this page I couldn't find the Twilight series movie ticket stubs.  Well all but the most recent one.  Guess I will have to look in some old purses or billfolds to find the others!  I also want to make a Harry Potter page.  We loved the books and saw all the movies.
Ok enough about me on to my project!
I used the Happy Hauntings cartridge for the "I love Movies", and I used Teen Scene to create "Edward & Bella"  I would have to say the faces were a little hard to do!
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                                                                a close up of the pair

                                                                         The layout