Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cupcake Wars Blog Hop!

now if I knew how to do a link for this to go right to my blog, I"d be all set... LOL

Welcome to Cupcake Wars! No bloodshed here, just plenty of sugar! If you didn't start at Janet's blog: please do so! She's giving away a Cricut Lite Cartridge-Cupcake! How sweet is that?
We don't want you to miss any of the scrumptious projects and some have even left recipes f...
or you to try! As we head into the holiday season, you might just have a new family favorite!

You should have come from: Ashley - I'm so glad you're here now, so check out my project and what I cooked up for you!

We love brownies at our house so I decided that I wanted to make mini brownie "cupcakes"
here is the picture of the indredients:

This is something that is "homemade" with ingredients you might have on hand.  I used a brownie mix following the directions on it.  I also use my secret ingredient " 2 Tablespoons of Hershey's syrup (or any store brand chocolate syrup) added to the brownie mix.
Next I grease the mini cupcake tin and fill them about 3/4 full.  Bake them at 325 for about 7 minutes, check them and then about 3-5 more minutes depending on how fast your oven cooks.
I cool them on a rack with waxed paper:
After they cool I use a piping bag with a tip (if you don't have this you can use a ziplock bagie and cut the corner off)  swirl on the frosting and add my sprinkles.
My kids LOVE these!!
Here is a picture of a cupcake card I made that would be great to giveaway with these yummy brownie bites!

From here you should head over to Pam -
If you get lost, head back to Janet's, Janet-

Thanks for stopping by! Now on to more yummy ideas!

Here is the complete line up in case you get lost :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Cricut Craft Room Scrapbook Friday Sept. 21st-- Cute Critters

Welcome back to another Scrapbook Friday!  I love these days!!  I am trying so hard to get my 3 kids' scrapbooks up to date!!  So today I decided to scrap Halloween 2008... I know I know it is 2012.  I am WAY behind!

I used Hello Kitty Greetings, Doodle Charms, and 3 Birds on Parade Cricut Cartridges for today's scrapbook page.  I love Halloween!  I created the spider from Doodle Charms and my Gypsy.  I used the Hide feature to hide the mouth and eyes so I could add google eyes and a stickles smile.  Now my other two cuts I used were from a swap that I was in. They did not have the name of the person who created them or I would post that.  The Bat is from Hello Kitty Greetings and the Dracula Bird is from 3 Birds on Parade.  Both are super cute!!

If you are new to my blog I love simple layouts! I'm not saying that I wouldn't make something fancy or WOW! I just like to make sure I can add lots of pictures to my pages.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!  Don't forget to check out the other great Cute Critter scrapbook pages at


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Free Cricut Craft Room Help Guide!!

The Cricut Craft Room Help Guide is 78 pages and
you can download it by clicking this picture. .....

When you open Cricut Craft Room now there is a GREAT video that pops up and welcomes you to Craft Room. If you have ever been intimidated by the idea of Craft Room…. NOW is your chance. There is a 4 minute video that welcomes you to Craft Room and will help you get aquainted and NOT intimidated by Craft Room!

It really is great, no matter what your computer skill level is. Please take the first step and try Craft Room if you have not taken that step yet. I have done a few Ustream tutorials to help with Craft Room, but no one can do it better than Provo-Craft themselves!

This guide came from and was assembled by
Erica’s Craft Room™ My Cricut Craft Room™
and Affordable Crafting Concepts™ Copyright 2009-2012

Visit the My Cricut Craft Room blog for 6-10 Cricut made projects each weekday.

On Hello Thursday visit Erica’s blog for the projects made with the
newest cricut cartridges and the Cricut Craft Room files to go with them.
I will have a project made with them and all of the Cricut Craft Room files for them to make your crafting easier and less frustrating.

Never pay more than $34.99 for a Cricut Cartridge EVER again…..

ALL Cricut cartridges $34.99 or less the DAY of release from Provo-Craft.
Create a Critter 2 & Suburbia, Now shipping
$34.99 each or $65 for both (September Bundle)
AND $5 shipping all weekend!
12x12 set of Cricut mats (Also work for the Imagine) $8
12x24 set of Cutting mats $12.50
Set of Regular Blades $7.50
Set of Deep Cut Blades $9

Click HERE to download this help guide.
Any suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!