Saturday, March 24, 2012

How I got into Cricut!!

I would love to win the Cricut Circle Cartridge Sophie! So here is how I got into using the Cricut! Please scroll down to the end of my post to see how you could have a chance to win the Sophie cartridge!

I have to say that I really am so happy that I have my Cricut machines!  I have to start at the beginning of my crafting so please bear with me!!

My mother encouraged me to start scrapbooking when my two oldest children were little.  I told her that I really didn't have time with the kids being so close in age.  She told me that I needed to make time, that they would grow up so fast and this way I could go back in time and remember all the fun things we did.

Of course my mother won and we started crafting/scrapbooking together!  We would make our own paper piecings by hand!

Then I discovered the Cricut on a commercial.... Had to have it!  It was the first machine that Cricut had made.  I had only used it a few times, couldn't quite get the hang of it... So I didn't use it for awhile.

Then the Expression came out... I thought, boy I would really love to get one that was my favorite color green and could cut larger things!! My husband said, you have the little one already and don't need another one!! I looked up a few videos that explained how to use the Cricut and I loved the fact that the Expression had a screen so I could see what I was cutting!!  I had gotten some money for my birthday and decided to get it.

 So glad I did!!  I absolutely love the Expression!! I have made so many things with it! I still have my little bug.  Told my husband I would sell it but can't quite seem to part with it!!  Now that I have gotten better with using my Cricut I have been able to use my little bug too!!

I  would love to hear your stories on how you got started with the Cricut!!
Make sure to blog your story and up load it to My Cricut Craft Room's blog for a chance to win a Cricut Circle Cartridge exclusive  Sophie! here is the link:

Thanks for stoping by!!   ~Christina~

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Docerela said...

AWW!! Great story! I also started with a green one. Its so nice to see yours. I miss mine since it broke on me.

Thanks for sharing.